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I use several approaches including The Work of Byron Katie, EMDR, and focusing to assist you in seeing that you no longer need be a victim, ending blame of yourself and others.





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The purpose of psychotherapy is to help an individual find a life with purpose and meaning. Often this requires looking at painful memories and parts of ourselves that we do not like. The theory behind this endeavor is that "love is letting go of fear" and that as we learn to embrace both the painful parts of our life and our shadow, we are moving to greater integrity and authenticity.


When we take a serious look at our life, it is possible to work through the traumas of our development and find a new relationship to our intuition that guides us in all our movements.    

Although it is often work to embrace the shadow sides of our existence and accept the pain in our life, the result is a vulnerability infused with the experience of a grateful flow.


  Elliot Isenberg, Ph.D.
I am a licensed psychologist who has 30 years experience with individuals & couples. I've lived and traveled in Europe, Africa, and Asia for 6 years --- my clients are from various religions, races, & cultures.   Elliott Isenberg, Ph.D.
Psychology License: #PSY11202 Marriage Family Counselor License: #MFC23639
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